Smart projects!

The main purpose of this website is showing my projects and remembering them(I forget a lot). So I write some text about them(I hate documenting), but I also have to create a folder to put things in etc etc.
So I came up with an idea: Store the projects in a database and dynamically create the pages.

How to recreate it:

  • Create a template page. To select the source, just use $id which will be set later.Here is my implementation
  • Make a create.php page which creates the folders and the index.php files(here is the $id set)my implementation
  • Create a table in your database(Projects with at least the columns Title, URL, Text, PID(I have a few more, but those are not necessary)
  • Fill your table with data(You can use phpMyAdmin or create your own webpage for that)

Run create.php and the folders are created!